Extra!! Behemoth creators Chris Kipiniak and J.K. Woodward interview from Pete's Basement!

Behemoth PetesBasement

Behemoth concludes its first arc. We talk with artist J.K. Woodward, and writer Chris Kipiniak.

Behemoth is a digital exclusive comic book available on MonkeyBrainComics.com and on Comixology.com.
It features young people suddenly, and without any known cause,  turning into monstrous creatures with super strength and abilities. And the government is knocking at their door before they know it.
You got two choices: Join Project Behemoth...or live your life in a concentration camp.
For Theresa and her friends, it's really no choice at all...

Check out what the writer and artist have to say after the conclusion of the book's first arc right here.