Back to the Future Events and Happenings

Great Scott! Its October 21st 2015! The same day Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II. THE FUTURE IS NOW! With everyone nerding out left and right over these classic movies, today has become an unofficial holiday with events and promotions happening all over the place.

Since time travel is not possible yet, New Yorkers know how to make the best of their time. The city never sleeps! Check out some of the things happening in New York City TONIGHT!

GREAT SCOTT!: Back to the Future Part II Celebration with The Usual Rejects
Chain Theatre
21-28 45th Rd, Long Island City, New York

7:00PM - October 21st and 24th. Back to the Future celebration with raffles, drink tickets, and 6 actors performing Back to the Future II. Tickets for today are sold out! Saturday nights final performance still available. - MORE INFO

Back to the Future Party
Pizza Party
254 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

9:00PM - Food, booze, and DJ spinning tunes from the eras in the movies. Also Mets vs Cubs game will be on. - MORE INFO

Back to the Future Screening - Part I and II
Heavy Woods
50 Wykoff Avenue, Queens, New York

7:30 PM - Movie screenings and pickle back to the future specials. - MORE INFO

FREE Rooftop Screening of the Back to the Future Trilogy
Our Wicked Lady
153 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

7:00 PM - Come watch all the flicks! $5 Flux Capacitor shots all night! Happy hour til 8! DJ PSYCHOdelic spins killer tunes from the 50's and 80's, 8PM-12AM, downstairs! Open til 4AM. - MORE INFO

Back to the Future Movie Screening and Dance Party (Friday November 6th)
The Bedford
110 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

8:00 PM - Watch Back To the Future on a large screen in the back bar, while ordering food, dinner, or just drinks. After that, dance all night to the best of the 80s with DJ Shred - spinning WAX! - MORE INFO



Wanna ride in the DeLorean? While these versions arent equipped with Flux Capacitors, and cant hit 88MPH in Midtown traffic, you can still feel hella retro and futurtistic at the same time today when you request a ride with Lyft.

Select McFly Mode for a chance to be picked up in a DeLorean for a free 15-20 minute ride around Manhattan. Available today only from 11AM - 5PM

Even if you can't get a ride in a time machine, there have been DeLorean sightings all over Manhattan today. Did you see one? Send us your pictures!



There are also other promotions and things happening on the streets of NYC. Check out our Facebook or Instagram for more pictures!




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