Disney Buys Marvel!!!!!

WOW!!!! So Disney is buying Marvel. Is this a WTF moment or a YAY moment? Let us know.
Me personally, i see both good and bad in this.
The Good:
More Exposure for Marvel - this can be a huge push for Marvel.
More Marvel Cartoons - a whole channel for their cartoons makes it common sense
Marvel Meets Pixar - just got goose-bumps, i am sure the geeks at Pixar did too
Major Player like Disney can afford to keep low sell comics out on the shelves - this is one of the "perks" of being owned by a Corp., they should have your back
The Bad: Read more »

Post SDCC announcements and solicits (Spoilers maybe?) and reasons to stay.

Grow back your goatees, pull out your flannel shirts, put on some Blind Melon cause were going back to the 90's.

Well it seems like it at times. The Ultimate relaunch with it's chromium variants hit. $25.00 at Midtown Comics, get 'em while you can. After all they are "Instant Collector Items". God knows my Turok #1 gets lonely. I am looking at it now, mmmmmmmmmmm pretty.

Spider-Clones, sweeping events, variants out the wazoo and wait for it.....................the return of Marvel/Miracleman! Oh boy! Read more »

Marvel Bets It All On The Studio

So, you're Marvel, a hundred-millionaire paper business, and a billionaire movie studio wants to make a movie about Spider-man. You let him for the low low fee of 5%. Seems like a sweet deal, except that Spider-man movie becomes one of the most popular movies ever made, and rakes in billions world-wide. And now you're thinking - shit, that's my Spider-man! I should have those billions. What do you do? Read more »

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