Toxic Avenger Musical

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 17 - 05.05.09


Penny Dreadful and Roger get an exclusive interview with Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman! Ramon and Pete have some splainin' to do! Mainly where's Adam and who is Pete hiding from?

The Toxic Avenger on Broadway!

Penny Dreadful here! I know. I know, its been a while. What, you thought bears only hibernated for Winter? Pennys do it too. I just HAD to get out for The Toxic Avenger!! So those rumors about me leaving Petes Basement to persue a new fruitful career in emu farming, or me running off and having a lurid love affair with a skrull and getting impregnated during the invasion are all greatly exaggerated... I wasnt impregnated. Read more »

Toxic Avenger the Musical <3's New Jersey

If you would have walked up to me on the street and said the words 'Toxic' 'Avenger' 'the' and 'Musical' in that order, I would have first laughed, and then felt very sad when I realized you were serious. But that's just the kind of cynical fuck I am. It's a little disease I affectionately call 'Brooklyn Optimism' passed down through the generations in New York. It's where everything, no matter what, is bad. My dad has it, I have it. Come to think of it, everyone at Pete's Basement has it. Luckily for my Wednesday night, I was wrong.

Being a typical New Yorker, I never, ever, go to musicals. Those are for thin snooty old white women with trust funds and door men who live in a sheltered walled-off bubble, who can afford to explore the musical side of cats and HIV. Plus, there's nothing I know of that has been made better in musical form. I'm mainly basing this assumption off of my experience with the Simpsons, and how bad I assume Shrek the Musical is and Spider-Man the Musical will be. Toxic Avenger the Musical has proved me wrong. It was good.

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