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Pete's Basement Season 4, Episode 42 - 10.18.11

It's here Basement fans! And it's our biggest yet! No, not that. The NY Comic Con 2011! Tune in to our hour-long part 1 this week, with part 2 to follow next week. We've got interviews, geeks, babes, and more! Plus our own table for the first time ever!

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 52 - 12.28.10

Five criminals. One basement. Tons of coincidences. Merry Christmas from Pete's Basement.

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 42 - 10.19.10

Look out, there's more comics, statues and dressed-up geeks coming at ya! The Con continues! Get it?! Con-tinues, eh, eh? Ah, nevermind. Plus, win MORE exclusive signed swag!

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 41 - 10.12.10

Comics! Creators! Cosplay! We hit the Con with both barrels this year -- namely Pete and Steve, cause Danny, Ramon, and Adam are M.I.A. Still, there's no shortage of freaks, geeks, and sexy babes who seem to love freaks and geeks. Plus, win exclusive signed swag!

We Found Pete!!

That's right, he resurfaced from wherever he was hiding and has comic book reviews to share. He's been reading Spidey though, and he's mighty angry, better hide the children!


This week;

Astioning Spider-Man and Wolverine #1- I don't expect it to be good, but it's worth giving a chance.
Brightest Day #1- I really hope that two year from now we're not reviewing issue #23 or 24. Hopefully this is a nice quick story, which in today's standards will be about anywhere between 6 and 8 pages.
Incorruptible #5- Liking the story.
Irredeemable #13- There's needs to be a resolution soon. Pluntoniun is still at large, It seems to basically be the same thing stretched out from issue to issue in regards to the basic plot. Read more »

Steve on the Dr. Blogstein show


Check out Steve's appearance on the Dr. Blogstein show

Roger called me afterwards and told me he started screaming the answer to the third question at the computer when I hesitated to answer it.

If only I had a window open....

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Your Comic Book Boxes!

Hey guys, if you watched Episode 5, you'd know that Pete asked everyone to send us pictures of your comic book boxes/containers! So far we have a few submissions and those can be viewed on our Facebook Page

We're in the process of taking pictures of our own collections and throwing it up there as well!
So send your pictures to questions@petesbasement.com and in the subject type "MY BIG STINKING BOX"!

LOBO Loses Direction


Last year Warner Bros. announced Guy Ritchie was hired to direct the movie adaptation of DC Comics character "Lobo". Recently Guy Ritchie directed "Sherlock Holmes" starring Robert Downey Jr., the studio wants to move forward with "Sherlock Holmes 2", and they want Guy Ritchie to return for the sequel. The L.A. Times spoke with producer Joel Silver who is producing both properties and asked if "Sherlock Holmes 2" will delay the production of "Lobo" until Ritchie is free to direct. "I would guess a different director" said Silver, "It's all happening at once now. Everybody is talking about everything .... It's an ongoing conversation."

Source: The L.A. Times Read more »

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