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Read First Issues of Vertigo Comics. FREE!!

If you are not already aware, Vertigo offers first issues of popular titles for download in PDF format on their website with absolutely no charge to ya. NICE. If it's FREE, it's for me!

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Return to Rapture... meh.... I guess.

Recently I blogged about how getting the much anticipated Bioshock 2 from 2K Games is a must, and I have taken my own advice. With two gift cards I received for Christmas, I paid only 7.08 out of the whole $60ish (that's with tax) price tag and eagerly took it home. For any Bioshock 1 fans who were hesitating to get this game because of things they might have heard, I'm not sure if this is going to help the games' case any, but read on! Read more »

Events at Forbidden Planet NYC - Troma! and other stuff.

Midnight February 23rd (that's Monday going into midnight on Tuesday) Come down to the POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD Blu-Ray Release Event at Forbidden Planet NYC with writer/director LLoyd Kaufman! Read more »

Get Zombified For The DVD Release of Zombieland.

Ever want to know what it's like to be a zombie, but not actually be dead and crave the flesh and/or brains of the living? Then zombify yourself! You don't need to open any barrels, live in a town that does any scientific experiments, or be part of a Government screw up! Read more »

The next video game you should get!

Bioshock 2

Hello everyone! Penny here writing about what she likes the most, and that's scary things. Today's scary thing comes in video game form. I love me some video games, and there are some really thrilling, scary and/or spooky games out there.

The sequel to "Bioshock", which is likely one of the coolest games I have played in a long time, is coming out right around the corner in early February. Get ready for Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. If you haven't played Bioshock, or heard of it, you must be in Hussein's vacant hole in the ground! So sad... but it's cool, because you have me to fill you in. Read more »

Ways to Kill Wolverine.....

DEAD! I win!

I'm gonna kill him. I think it can be done. Wasn't there a comic where Wolverine was finally fed up with life and went to Scarlet Witch's mom to try to use magic to kill him? All that accomplished was getting into her knickers and then getting into beef with her man. All he had to do was come to me! I coulda killed him. Read more »

The Toxic Avenger on Broadway!

Penny Dreadful here! I know. I know, its been a while. What, you thought bears only hibernated for Winter? Pennys do it too. I just HAD to get out for The Toxic Avenger!! So those rumors about me leaving Petes Basement to persue a new fruitful career in emu farming, or me running off and having a lurid love affair with a skrull and getting impregnated during the invasion are all greatly exaggerated... I wasnt impregnated. Read more »

Pilot Season! Vote for which comic gets its own series!

Pilot Season: The Genius #1

Ever think that there are a lot of crappy comics out there and you just dont know why they are ALL getting their own run? Well, now you can vote on what comic you'd like to see be made into its own series and which comics get trashed. Top Cow introduced "Pilot Season" in 2007. They release some Pilot issues for you to check out, you figure out which one you like best, and then vote!

I personally voted for the Angelus last year, but Velocity and Cyblade won. They are REJECT Image characters, come on!!! WTF!?! Read more »

{Comic Con Finds} The Dresden Files #1

After all this time, I finally sat and sorted through alllll of the stuff that I got at the NY Comic Con. The only thing I regret was not having an old distant relative I never met drop dead and leave me their riches so I could buy everything. Read more »

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