Bob's Books 2/23/08

OK, I am actually doing this on time. This week there will be no episode of Pete's Basement. It's a long story, but the quick and short of it involves immigration, jelly and the retirement of Castro. Ok so that wasn't all true. We will be having something of a new episode. tune in and find out!
So i hope you enjoy my review of this weeks books. Please be aware that SPOILERS lay ahead. Read more »

Episode 6- Titles We Didn't Cover

The Amazing Captain Goon

Some Titles That We Didn't Cover

1) Captain Marvel 3 of 5/ Writer: Brian Reed/ Penciler: Lee Weeks

2) Amazing Spider-Man 550/ Writer: Marc Guggenheim/ Penciler: Salvador Larroca

3) The Goon 21/ Writer & Penciler: Eric Powell Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 6 - 02.19.08


Adam's back. Danny has returned for a second round. Ramon tries to wrap his mind around what the cost of comics has done to his wallet and his soul. Pete continues his segment on ebay and patience. By the looks of 'em, you'd think they were all somebody's patient.


I'm trying this blog thing for the first time. In my first blog entry I would be giving you an overview on "GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY" and "BATMAN". Now before I get into "GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY" let me give you a little overview on GREEN ARROW. Read more »

Bob's Books 2/18/08

Ok, so i know i am posting late. It's a 5 day weekend for me and i am catching up on much needed laziness. We filmed a last minute episode. Yes episode 6 almost never happened. You see we all have girlfriends, hell one of us is married. Guess who?
So the plan was to originally skip a weekend filming. But we saw the books coming out that week and decided to pull one out. Guess from where?
Anyways, here you go on my full list:

•Countdown 11 - I just don't know. I hope Infinite Crisis is worth the expensive hell this series is putting me through! Read more »

Preptime Posse Loves Us Almost As Much As We Love It Back.

Preptime Posse, you complete me!

For those of you who enjoy our discourse on serial storytelling couture (aka our comic book geekery), I cannot recommend enough the diversity and intelligence with which our brother Interwubbers over at Preptime Posse attack the artform. With writers from all over the globe, the Preptimers manage sharp, literate dialog about America's premier artform (okay, fine...after jazz and hip hop...but it's up there. Fuck you, MoMa) without being pretentious in the least. Read more »

Another Character That Didn't Need To Be Created

Okay, right off the bat, I know it's hard to come up with a good, long lasting, enduring character. I'm not saying it's easy. However, when you come up with a character named Strong Guy and he's not a feature at your local circus or bizarre, then you got a little lazy in my opinion. If he were created nowadays, he would have been named Strong Person. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 5 - 02.12.08


Danny Sanchez joins the basement while Adam has his lungs removed. Steve reveals the first of his "Characters That Never Should Have Been Created". Pete relays the joys of eBay categories and keywords.

Bob's Books 2/9/08

Ok so we have another week done and over with. Lots of books picked up, lots of books reviewed. Not all though. So here are my books;

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8 - it's good stuff. i got hooked on the series with all the repeats on tv. once i heard season 8 was going straight to comic i had to jump on. i would recommend this book to anyone who liked the series and would like to read some good stuff on vampires and demons. hell, i barely saw the last 2 seasons of the show and jumped on this with little problem. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 4 - 02.04.08


Pete gets Eli Manning yards on the latest issue of Brand New Day, Captain Bucky kneecaps some men in tights, the Last Man goes out with a bang, but not as loudly as Professor X. Denouement to Messiah Complex, Alex Ross's new project is a suckfest (aka Superpowers), while the Avengers continues to own da Basment. Also? A bitter New York Jew discusses a little known classic!

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