Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 0- 01.13.09


It's a whole new year in the basement! Join, Pete, Adam, Ramon and Steve as they review some of the books that came out over the holiday season!

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who has trusted us enough to come on our show, allow us into your store with a camera, and allow us into your homes. We have completed a whole year in the basement. 48 Episodes (technically 50 if you count the two Skrull Pete's Basement episodes). Words have been said, odors have been smelled, friendships torn apart, sandwiches unmade and someone threw a shoe. We have received tons of emails, messages on the site and on our myspace and we have tried our best to answer and address as many as we could. Read more »

Merry Christmas From Pete's Basement!

Merry Christmas!

Pete's Basement Episode 48- 12.23.08


It's Christmas time in the basement! Join Pete, Adam, Ramon and Steve as they discuss comics, movies and bodily functions while getting ready for a 2009 full of universe spanning crossovers, changes to classic characters and comic cons to come! Also, Santa makes a surprise visit bearing gifts!

Pete's Basement Episode 47- 12.16.08

Who is this mysterious stranger on the right? And what does his presence have to do with the mayhem depicted in this episode of Pete's Basement?
There's only one way to find out! Watch the next exciting episode of Pete's Basement....or just ask someone who has already seen it.

R.I.P Bettie Page

Yesterday the world lost a true Beauty. Bettie Page died. For those who for some unknown reason don't know the Lady, let me give you my opinion on her.
She was an incredible woman who pioneered the Pin-Up world. It was all a surprise to her but that made it all the more better. She was beautiful and down to earth. Her pictures were picked up by a 2 year old magazine called Playboy. The rest is history. she has a Monstrous cult following and it is rightfully deserved. One moment a beautiful American girl, the next a sex kitten. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 46 - 12.09.08


Better than Britney? MySpace fans weigh in. Grant Morrison digs his way out. Pete visits the Baseball Card Dugout in Brooklyn and meets The Man. Secret Invasion sneaks out the back.

Pete's Basement Gets Featured on Miro

As many of you already know, Miro is one of the most awesome video players on the net. It's also one of the founding reasons for Pete's Basement. Miro makes subscribing to internet shows easy. I myself have been a slave to the green dot!

Well, for the next few days, Pete's Basement will get a spot on Miro's coveted 'Featured' page, which shows up every time you launch Miro, and gets 50 - 100 thousand views a day!

Needless to say, we're honored and excited.

Check it out here:

and here:

For at least the next few days, Pete's Basement will appear along side such channels as MSNBC, NASA, NYTimes, Newsweek, Popular Woodworking, and TorrentFreak TV.

This will undoubtable mean many more friends of the show. And you know what that means ... ROAD TRIP! Woo HOO!

Pete's Basement Episode 45 - 12.02.08


Pete takes to drinking as he reminisces on the ungodly amounts of money he spent at the Big Apple Con! Steve warns us of zombies! And in a special segment, Roger lets us in on what keeps him going -- with a surprise ending!

Pete's Basement Episode 44- 11.25.08


What the hell is going on in this week's episode? The boys are giddy with some kind of frat-like excitement. Could it be the two weeks of books to catch up on?

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