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We know that you all know that Pete's Basement is the best fucking comic book show on the -- well, anywhere! But we know that there's a lot of people out there who do not yet know that they are Pete's Basement fans. So we're asking you to help get the word out. And to help you do that, we've got the newest Pete's Basement flyer available for you to download and have fun with!

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Pete's Basement Episode 43- 11.18.08


Pete, Steve, Dr. Doom, and a Chewbacca look-alike are set loose on the 2008 National Big Apple Comic Book, Art, Toy, & Sci-Fi Expo. Everyone leaves a little bit violated from this one.

New Pete's Basement YouTube Players UPDATED!

We now have 2 embeddable YouTube players for your website, blog, myspace, crapper, whatever! Just copy the code for the players below, and proudly display your love of bitter Brooklyn comic-nerd anger! Every episode of Pete's Basement is included, and it auto updates! So your fans will never be without the latest episode, and you'll never seem cooler. We guarantee.*

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Pete's Basement Mother Lode

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Check us out at this weekend's Big Apple Comic Con

Cashing in on their License to Thrill, the boys make their way to The Big Apple Comic con, to rub elbows with everyone from Larry Hama (a Pete favorite) to Janet Jackson (whose restraining order is keeping Adam at home that day). Special guests will abound at this, the premier New York City comic book convention. If you're in the New York area be sure to come on down and check out the basement crew, or tune in and download next weeks episode for the best interviews, hijinks, and pantsless nerds in all of comicdom!

Click 'read more' for Big Apple's full press release. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 42- 11.11.08


Look Out! It's another segment episode! Will this be the episode that Adam stands up and reveals his uh....manhood to all the viewers? Let's hope not!

Pete's Basement Episode 41- 11.04.08


A mysteriously familiar plate of hamburgers with astigmatism surprises and delights the basement boys - and then they eat it.

Pete's Basement Episode 40! - 10.28.08


Take a look back with Steve at the best - well, I wouldn't say BEST - more like, least appalling, moments of the last 40 episodes. And a suspicious looking chef makes a special delivery.

Bob's Books 10/19/2008

Ok, it’s another week of too many books. Hence the lack of keywords, some worked others left me in pain. Here we go.

•Rasl 3 – this is a good book. It’s just that it is out to infrequent and that hurts it greatly. Get the trades whenever they come out.

•Conan the Cimmerian 4 – Great book. Seeing another Cimmerian was a great idea and also the past history of Conan’s grandfather was good. The art in those flashbacks is sub par but the story carries it well. Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 38- 10.14.08


Adam is still missing. Pete lectures everyone on the proper pronunciation and preferred nomenclature of Italian cuisine. Steve receives a drink from a mysterious stranger. The Other Pete impresses Pete with his vocabulary.

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