Steve here, this is what I picked up this week;

Amazing Spider-Man 607 (Not sure why, most likely because of the cover and my hope that the
story will get better. Hey, I hoped that FF would get better and it did!)
Blackest Night Titans 2 of 3
Gotham City Sirens 4
Green Lantern 46
Hercules: The Knives of Kush 3 of 5
Spin Angels 2
X-Factor 49
X-Force 19

I noticed Thor was out, but the story seems kind of boring to me. Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 38 - 09.29.09


There's a lot to talk about this week, and all of it's BAD! Pete and guests get down to the nasty business of reviewing what could be the worst group of comics ever assembled in one show the only way they can stand it -- with booze. Oh boy.

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 37 - 09.22.09


Dave takes a seat at the table and talks about how he visited the Brooklyn Book Festival, compliments Pete on his new hat and sends Steve to the floor in horror and shock.

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 36 - 09.15.09


Adam and Ramon take the week off. Pete discusses a new computer program to organize your comics and tries out a super power. Steve talks about the good and the bad from the 90's and steals from Pete.

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 35 - 09.08.09


Steve, Ramon, and Pete pull off the greatest heist in history ... if the current greatest heist in history is almost reviewing comics in a basement in Brooklyn. Also, more ads! (Okay, just one.)

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 34 - 09.01.09


The roundtable is back in full effect. And with a lot of comics to review, the boys waste no time with the insults. PLUS - Pete's Basement gets you a deal at Dreamhost.com, the bestest web host there is!

September 2nd stash

⁃ Buffy the Vampire Slayer 28 - I love this series, and i wasn't even into the tv series. So not jump on friendly though. get the trades
⁃ Batman 690 - So far so good on the batman books
⁃ Batman Confidential 33 - Appreciate the old school batman this book tells of so well!
⁃ Justice league: Cry for Justice 3 - EH!
⁃ Supergirl Annual 1 - EH! like we need another super book.
⁃ Greek Street 3 - One of 3 vertigo books i am picking up. Like the way they are modernizing ancient myths! good writing here.
⁃ Northlanders 20 - This book rocks! You should be reading this book. Read more »

Disney Buys Marvel!!!!!

WOW!!!! So Disney is buying Marvel. Is this a WTF moment or a YAY moment? Let us know.
Me personally, i see both good and bad in this.
The Good:
More Exposure for Marvel - this can be a huge push for Marvel.
More Marvel Cartoons - a whole channel for their cartoons makes it common sense
Marvel Meets Pixar - just got goose-bumps, i am sure the geeks at Pixar did too
Major Player like Disney can afford to keep low sell comics out on the shelves - this is one of the "perks" of being owned by a Corp., they should have your back
The Bad: Read more »

Pete's Basement Mac OS Dashboard Widget!

Now you can finally watch Pete's Basement on your computer... well wait, that's not special. Ok, now there's finally ANOTHER WAY to watch Pete's Basement on your computer. If your the Widget loving type, click the link below to download the official Pete's Basement Viewer widget for your Mac OS X Dashboard pleasure.




Time Travel and Clones

There is no better way to get out of a story line than to have someone go back in time or to have a clone come out of nowhere. Read more »

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