The Daily News Wrote An Article About Us!

Yes, we're just as shocked as all of you. Ok, that's a lie. We were interviewed for the story, so we can't really say shocked. They did run the story, and the world didn't end before it happened, so that's a little shocking. They also didn't use the words 'terrible' or 'waste of time' even once. It's a very nice article, with a video that we produced just for them, as well as a photo gallery with bios for just about everyone on the show. Check it out, and leave some comments letting their readers know just how awesome we are.

New York Daily News Article:

"Meet 'Pete's Basement'" Gallery: Read more »

See You At The Con!

We're heading off to the Wizard World / Big Apple Comic Con. We'll be wandering around the show filming and doing interviews. If you see us, stop by and say hello.

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 40 - 10.13.09


In this weeks gas-filled episode of Pete's Basement: Gun Nuns! The winner of our Logan Challenge! American Chop Suey! Jewish Doughnuts! Plus $50 off DreamHost! Oh, did we mention the burping?


What I, Steve, plan on picking up this week so that I might read it;

1) Batgirl 3. It's okay. Not great, but okay.
2) Blackest Night: Batman 3. Should be good. Should be. In the sense that comics should be free.
3) Detective Comics Annual 11. I'm just surprised that for all the many decades that his title has been around they
are only up to Annual 11.
4) Green Lantern Corps 41. Eh.
5) Punisher Max 75. Let's see where it goes.
6) Secret Six 14. Amazons verses the Devil. I had a dream like that once. Read more »

October 14th's Haul

• 10/14
• Action Comics 882 - lets continue the long as non jump on friendly monster arc
• Adventure Comics 3 - it's an ok book. more curious then enjoying it.
• Batgirl 3 - i think this book can work. didn't se Oracle getting involved, let alone taking over the Bat Cave!
• Batman 691 - another good book to read? i think so.
• Blackest Night Batman 3 - lets se how they wrap this bad boy up.
• Detective Comics Annual 11 - picks up from the Batman annual with Azrael
• Green Lantern Corps 41 - if it isn't filler it should rock Read more »


What I picked up this week;

Batman Unseen 1 of 5- Looked promising. Out of continuity. Should be good.
Justice League: Cry For Justice: Artwork continues to look awesome.
Haunt- I like McFarlane, I like Kirkman. Let's hope it's good.
Ultimate Spider-Man 3- Not sure why I bought it. It better be good.
Daredevil 501- Woo!
Amazing Spider-Man 608- Even the mere mention of Ben Reilly makes Pete's skin crawl. If you listen reeeeal carefully you can hear it crawling right now.
X-Babies- Why the hell not.
Secret Warriors- The List- 1- Aaah, might as well. Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 39 - 10.06.09


Pete talks about some good Wolverine stories, Steve discusses the Sinister Six and Ramon goes over this week's comics and then some.

Ramon's 10/7 haul

this week's stash. another big haul. looking forward to a good amount though.

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer 29 - i just love this series. always glad to pick it up and look forward to the next
•Batman and Robin 5 - i am surprised at how fast this one has come out. not in love with it like the other Bat Family books but it is not killing me.
•Batman Annual 27 - don't like arcs starting in annuals. especially $4.99 ones!
•Batman Confidential 34 - That good old classic batz!
•Justice League Cry for Justice 4 - it's eh. need to see the mini as a whole. Read more »

My Stash

Been a while. Here are the books i picked up. some good there i hope but no big names.
Echo 15
Blackest Night: Titans 2
Gotham City Sirens 4
Green Lantern 46
Justice Society of America 31
Superman 692
Teen Titans 75
Wonder Woman 36
Cyber Force/ Hunter Killer 2
The Darkness 80
Dark Reign The Hood 5
Hulk 15
New Mutants 5
Secret Warriors 8
Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu 1
Son of Hulk 15
Thor 603
Thunderbolts 136
Wolverine: Weapon X 5
X-Factor 49
X-Force 19
Hercules: Knives of Kush 3


Steve here, this is what I picked up this week;

Amazing Spider-Man 607 (Not sure why, most likely because of the cover and my hope that the
story will get better. Hey, I hoped that FF would get better and it did!)
Blackest Night Titans 2 of 3
Gotham City Sirens 4
Green Lantern 46
Hercules: The Knives of Kush 3 of 5
Spin Angels 2
X-Factor 49
X-Force 19

I noticed Thor was out, but the story seems kind of boring to me. Read more »

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