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RED SKULL confirmed, CAPTAIN AMERICA's suit, more casting info


This past weekend supplied us fans with more Captain America movie news. and The L.A. Times have both interviewed Joe Johnston and obtained some info about "The First Avenger: Captain America" Here's a quick rundown of what Johnston had to say about the film. (Spoiler Alert, read at your own risk) Read more »

Pee-Wee Herman 2010: iPad Edition

Ah Funny or Die, you've got your fingers on the heartbeat of this modern age. How else could they take the current two pop culture sinkholes that I care most about and make a video about them at just the right moment in history? Gypsies, thats how.

Thanks, Geek To Me

The People vs. George Lucas

I first read about this on Lou Ander's Blog Bowling for the Future. I'd say it looks interesting -- like a car wreck that you're watching in slow motion involving a bus full of your friends and a truck hauling rare razor-billed exploding crocodiles.

Return of Batman..... Pilgrim!

Ok, so i was just sitting my ass down in front of the laptop. truly just minding my own business. then i get hit with this lovely image at
i really don't know what to say!
This reminds me of the ridiculous toys that are available for Batman as well as Spider-Man and so many others. i mean we have seen all types. from deep sea Batman to moon walk Batman. Pilgrim Batman! I just don't know. it comes off as extremely cheesy and something one would see in the Adam West series. Read more »

Comic Books on the iPad, the Panelfly Way

The Apple iPad, aka the Savior of the Print Medium, aka Senor Rico Loco, aka the long fabled Apple tablet which became a verified almost reality last week, will without a doubt carry digital comic books. If you're a comic book fan with an iPhone, you've probably seen the likes of Comixology which we reviewed a while back, and others available for the device. Well the gadget geeks down at gizmodo are reporting on one such app, Panelfly and its coming reboot for the iPad. "This looks incredible" is an exact quote (notice the quotes) from Adam in an email to the Basement Crew.

Check out their full article here:

Your Comic Book Boxes!

Hey guys, if you watched Episode 5, you'd know that Pete asked everyone to send us pictures of your comic book boxes/containers! So far we have a few submissions and those can be viewed on our Facebook Page

We're in the process of taking pictures of our own collections and throwing it up there as well!
So send your pictures to and in the subject type "MY BIG STINKING BOX"!


Captain America Shield 001.jpg

Sci-fi Wire spoke with Joe Johnston director of "The First Avenger: Captain America". In the interview he expresses his feelings towards the character and gives a status update for the casting of "Steve Rogers/Captain America" Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 5 - 02.02.10


The boys are mesmerized as Pete regales them with tales of the old west, and the submarine he's been building for the greater sum of fifteen years. Then they review this week's comic books with their typical brand of badasserie!



Check out the concept art for the new Green Lantern movie! If the movie looks half as good as these designs, its gonna be, as adam would say, "Bad As Shit!"

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