Chris Nolan on the future of the SUPERMAN and BATMAN movies


Chris Nolan dishes out the details about the upcoming new Superman movie "MAN OF STEEL" and he also finds time to drop some tidbits about the next BATMAN movie... Read more »

Return to Rapture... meh.... I guess.

Recently I blogged about how getting the much anticipated Bioshock 2 from 2K Games is a must, and I have taken my own advice. With two gift cards I received for Christmas, I paid only 7.08 out of the whole $60ish (that's with tax) price tag and eagerly took it home. For any Bioshock 1 fans who were hesitating to get this game because of things they might have heard, I'm not sure if this is going to help the games' case any, but read on! Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 10 - 03.09.10

"Horrible, salty, beer diarrhea.......just kind of like a touch of stomach flu." If that doesn't get you to watch this episode, I don't know what will!


The last two days have provided alot of comic book movie news. Here is a quick rundown of a few news items for movie projects involving WOLVERINE, THE SHADOW, & more... Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 9 - 03.02.10

Well, it's been the snowiest February New York has seen in over a hundred years. The boys cozy up at home - Pete with his Chivas, Ramon in his bed, and Steve with visions of lightsabers dancing in his head.

Warner Bros. has NEW WRITER for NEW SUPERMAN movie

Superman Returns-Logo_001.jpg

Take this with a grain of salt because I am not totally sure about this rumor. Apparently Warner Bros. Studios has selected a writer for a new SUPERMAN movie. There is also plot details floating around as well. Who is the man chosen to bring the Red and Blue back to the silver screen... Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 8 - 02.23.10

Pete and the boys discuss the usual weekly comic book haul while chowing down on some classic American fast food. PLUS - the basement picks for lantern ring inductees!

25,000 - I mean 50,000 T-shirts for Haiti

Help the victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake. Baruch College has joined 25,000 T-shirts for Haiti. Donate your new and used t-shirts to the Baruch Performing Arts Center located at 55 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10010 (646) 312-4085

UPDATE: Shortly after we filmed this PSA, they exceeded their goal of 25,000 t-shirts. Their new goal is 50,000. So keep those donations coming in!

25,000 T-shirts for Haiti:
Baruch Blog
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NY State Senator Andrew Lazla

NEW Executive Management Team for DC Entertainment


DC Entertainment, founded in September 2009 to unleash the power of the DC Comics library of characters across all media platforms, has named its executive management team, including new co-publishers of DC Comics and a Chief Creative Officer, as well as heads of Sales/Marketing/Business Development and Finance/Administration. Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, made the announcement Thursday (Feb. 18th, 2010). Read more »

Events at Forbidden Planet NYC - Troma! and other stuff.

Midnight February 23rd (that's Monday going into midnight on Tuesday) Come down to the POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD Blu-Ray Release Event at Forbidden Planet NYC with writer/director LLoyd Kaufman! Read more »

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