Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 8 - 02.23.10

Pete and the boys discuss the usual weekly comic book haul while chowing down on some classic American fast food. PLUS - the basement picks for lantern ring inductees!

25,000 - I mean 50,000 T-shirts for Haiti

Help the victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake. Baruch College has joined 25,000 T-shirts for Haiti. Donate your new and used t-shirts to the Baruch Performing Arts Center located at 55 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10010 (646) 312-4085

UPDATE: Shortly after we filmed this PSA, they exceeded their goal of 25,000 t-shirts. Their new goal is 50,000. So keep those donations coming in!

25,000 T-shirts for Haiti:
Baruch Blog
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NY State Senator Andrew Lazla

NEW Executive Management Team for DC Entertainment


DC Entertainment, founded in September 2009 to unleash the power of the DC Comics library of characters across all media platforms, has named its executive management team, including new co-publishers of DC Comics and a Chief Creative Officer, as well as heads of Sales/Marketing/Business Development and Finance/Administration. Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, made the announcement Thursday (Feb. 18th, 2010). Read more »

Events at Forbidden Planet NYC - Troma! and other stuff.

Midnight February 23rd (that's Monday going into midnight on Tuesday) Come down to the POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD Blu-Ray Release Event at Forbidden Planet NYC with writer/director LLoyd Kaufman! Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 7 - 02.16.10



Pete's Basement is Now Part of The Comics Podcast Network

Well, we've officially made the list. The obviously very smart and cultured curators of The Comics Podcast Network have accepted your favorite comic book podcast into their ranks. We just posted our first entry which includes a collection of links to some of our favorite episodes of the basement show:

Check out their site and the fine collection of comic book related podcasts therein.

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 6 - 02.09.10

What in the name of Doc Ock and the Sinister Six has happened to enrage Pete so? Check it out and see!

Batman Comic Generator

Yes, ... yes.
Now you do it:
Batman Comic Generator Read more »

RED SKULL confirmed, CAPTAIN AMERICA's suit, more casting info


This past weekend supplied us fans with more Captain America movie news. and The L.A. Times have both interviewed Joe Johnston and obtained some info about "The First Avenger: Captain America" Here's a quick rundown of what Johnston had to say about the film. (Spoiler Alert, read at your own risk) Read more »

Pee-Wee Herman 2010: iPad Edition

Ah Funny or Die, you've got your fingers on the heartbeat of this modern age. How else could they take the current two pop culture sinkholes that I care most about and make a video about them at just the right moment in history? Gypsies, thats how.

Thanks, Geek To Me

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