Pete's Basement Season 4, Episode 52- 12.27.11

The boys celebrate another end to a great season of Pete’s Basement.
Who knows what or who’s lurking behind the corner however in the new year.

NASA Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-like Star

Yes!! My dreams are coming true. My alien dreams that is. I freaking love aliens. I'm always looking for UFO's and moon anomolies at night. I watch Ancient Aliens like some kind of freaky weirdo. So when NASA confirmed they found a planet in the Habitable Zone, I stood up and threw my coffee cup on the floor. OPA!

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Pete's Basement Season 4, Episode 49- 12.06.11

Back at the table again after the drunken mess from two weeks ago, and the much needed week off last week. A bunch of comics get reviewed, jokes are cracked, contests are announced, and somewhere an electronic fart machine squeals into the night.

New game by the writer/director of L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

Writer and director of Rockstar Game's L.A. Noire Brendan McNamara has signed a new gaming deal! Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 4, Episode 48 - 11.29.11

Tich introduces us to another "best-of" episode. Hey, we had to take vacation too you know!
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Justice League Unlimited - Season 2 - Episode 5 - "Flash and Substance"

Main Plot: Orion attempts to understand Flash's antics as Wally and Batman battle four of Flash's rogues that attack the museum that is opening in his honor. This episode includes many references to Flash's comic book and television history, including a guest appearance by Linda Park and bringing back Mark Hamill as the Trickster.

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A Real R2-D2 Is Coming Soon

Check out this freaking awesome ballbot (not kidding, that's it's name) performing Puttin' on the Ritz a la Young Frankenstein while it's creator and overlord claps out commands over at the TED site.  Read more »

F#@*! Yeah Comic Relationships!

Batman and Catwoman gettin' their swing on

I love comic book relationships. Batman and Catwoman, Sue Storm and Reed Richards, Wolverine and the ENTIRE FEMALE POPULOUS.... Read more »

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