S.O.S. Save Our Show! Keep Pete's Basement Alive!

S.O.S. Save our show!

You love comic books. We love comic books. Let's keep one of the best comic book discussions going on. Save our show. Our Save Pete's Basement Comic Book Discussion Show is officially begun. We hope to raise at least $25,000 by September 12 to replace our aging equipment, keep Pete's Basement alive, and make it better than ever. Read more »

Letter from the Executive Producer

Dear Pete's Basement fans and friends,

We've been doing the show for five years now, and it’s been great. We’ve made a lot of new friends, have met and talked to some of our favorite comic book creators, and feel immensely rewarded by the whole experience of producing this show.

Our goal is to continue to bring you the best comic book discussion every week as we have been since the first episode back in January 2008.

However it has gotten to the point where if one of our cameras or hard drives break down, we will be forced to go off the air. A.k.a. no more Pete’s Basement.

That would make us upset, you upset, and Ramon very angry, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. So we’re asking for your help. We’re sending out an S.O.S. Save Our Show.

To make sure Pete’s Basement stays on the air we will be launching an Indiegogo campaign this coming Tuesday, July 24th. Indiegogo is one of the leaders in crowdfunding, which is just a fancy word meaning we’re asking you for money.

This is how it works: we’ll post our Pete’s Basement campaign on Indiegogo.com with a goal of raising $25,000. From there you can get some cool Pete’s Basement rewards in exchange for helping us reach that goal.

We want to thank you for sticking with this show for so long. We wouldn’t be where we are now if you hadn’t, but we really need your help now if we’re going to be here for the long haul.

So come Tuesday please consider helping however you can. Every contribution counts. And if you can’t give money, then spread the word. We’re counting on you to keep Pete’s Basement on the air.


Roger Kenny
Executive Producer / Director
Pete’s Basement Read more »

Pete's Basement Season 5, Episode 28 - 7.16.12

Steve's on vacation, and so knowing this Pete got very smashed Saturday, and is very hungover in this video. Still though, they all got their segments done, answered a bunch of your questions, and reviewed a whole lot of comics.

Pete's Basement Season 5, Episode 26 - 7.02.12

It's seriously freaking hot. Pete couldn't bring himself to wear a an actual shirt... Even still, Ramon and Steve join him at the roundtable discussing this week's comic books. And, so, what? You wanna make somethin' of it? Plus graphic novel recommendations, a new Facebook poll, AND Pete unveils his Tome page!

Pete's Basement Season 5, Episode 25 - 6.26.12

The New York summer heat brings many unpleasant things: swamp-ass, baked-garbage stank on the streets, but maybe worst of all is the onset of heat-delirium. Pete is showing signs. Ramon-- it's debatable. Steve... let's have a moment of silence for Steve's sanity.... COMIC BOOKS! Oh no, I guess I'm next!

Pete's Basement Season 5, Episode 22 - 6.05.12

Roger joins the roundtable to discuss the titanic job that was tasked to him by J.K. Woodward and A. David Lewis. See the fruits of that tasking right here! Don't worry, Steve fans, he's here, he's here.

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