Super Graphic: Infographics and Comic Books Together at Last

Target Market for SuperGraphic by Tim Leong

Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe, by Tim Leong has been making the internet rounds lately and for good reason. It's an eye-appealing visual feast for those of us who are serious infographics nerds. And is sure to elicit plenty of 'no-ways' from comic book fans, who will undoubtably delight over the sheer volume of beautiful nerd-porn contained in this book.

It seems like a passion project of Tim's who is a veteran of magazine and new media design, and also runs a wicked cool infographic and comic book themed tumblr.

For a certain kind of nerd out there (namely me) this is exactly the book we've been waiting for. My copy is on order from Amazon right now..

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Lookie what we got!!

NY Comic Con 3-Day tickets. Yes they are.

We're giving the real Basement Fans a heads up. Tune in to this week's show for the scoop!

HE'S BACK!! Garth Ennis Returns to Punisher!!

Garth Ennis Punisher MAX Frank Castle Marvel Comics


You heard right! Garth Ennis, critically acclaimed author of Preacher, Hellblazer, and and most notably for me, The Punisher, returns to the character he brought back from the outer reaches of obscurity! Ennis was quoted on ComiXology's podcast that a new mini series was in the works for sometime next year. AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!! Read more »

The Asgardian Wars: X-Men Plus Thor Equals Sexiness

X-Men The Asgardian Wars

With the second Thor movie coming out in a few months I highly recommend The Asgardian Wars.

Here's the catch. Thor isn't in this book. This book collects a few issues that came out more years ago then I care to admit. It tells the story of Loki at first trying to be a some what benevolent god. Endowing powers to certain people to help them make the world better. So he looks good and can gain a seat with "those who sit in shadow". The powers involved members of Alpha Flight and X-Men. This being Loki, chaos ensues.

The second Part of the book once again stars Loki. This time this is him taking what he wants. Namely Storm! This send the collected might of the New Mutants and the X-Men trying to rescue her and keep themselves alive in the process.

Why would I recommend a book that doesn't have Thor prior to the release of his movie? This book wonderfully shows the large world of Asgard and the realms that make it up. From the elves and Trolls even to the dwarves. Adam would love it!!

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Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 25 - 8.20.13

Cheeseburger Pete joins the roundtable this week as the boys discuss their favorite Batman covers and answer some viewer emails. The fellas weigh in on Marvel's new big event, Infinity, The Shadow and the creation of Batman, and Pete gets giddy over X.

Comic Books are the Best Investment for Your Money!


Comic books are the best investment you could make for your money! Anyone who watches the news sees how volatile and how frustrating to investors the Dow Jones Industrial Average can be on a daily basis. Stocks go up and down based on a variety of factors, and really, who can keep up? Read more »

Matt Fraction leaves Marvel Comics Fantastic Four and FF

Fantastic Four and FF by Matt Fraction

Marvel Comics has announced the departure of Matt Fraction from FF and the Fantastic Four comics. He is moving on to the next event from the publisher. Inhumanity which will then be followed by Inhuman.

He has been the writer behind the relaunched Fantastic Four and FF. Moving Marvel's first family into space and the timeline while also setting up a school in the Baxter building. I am looking forward to the event and ongoing book he is writing. Also would like to see someone else tackle the Fantastic Four's world. Read more »

Local Queens comic shop closes after 26 years

Comic Book Heaven comic book shop in Sunnyside, Queens is closing its doors after 26 years of bringing that classic comic shop atmosphere to the neighborhood. We never like to hear news like this. You gotta get out and support your local comic book shop.

Thanks to Pete's Basement viewer Charles for the tip.

Read the whole story on The Daily News

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 24 - 8.13.13

Avengers Arena is a surprise hit with the boys as is Superior Spider-Man, much to Pete's chagrin. Tarzan is on Mars and Robocop has no bullets! What is going on? Check it all out here!

Stan Lee reality show 'Fangasm' on SyFy is Pete's joygasm

Stan Lee with Pete of Pete's Basement

Fangasm (formerly Fandemonium), which is SyFy's (formerly Sci-Fi Channel) new reality series will pit a cast of super-geeks against each other in an all out geek war with the grand prize being a job working with Stan Lee. The contestants are actually already interns for Lee, working for his Comikaze Expo, which he runs with Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira.

This can only mean one thing, Pete has just died a little inside. Read more »

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