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Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 34 - 10.21.13

Best and worst of New York Comic Con 2013. Win signed comics from Larry Hama and Alan Robert! Completely unimaginary book of the week. Pete fulfills a childhood Hulkamaniac dream. Plus, which hero would Pete be?

Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Only 10 more days until Halloween! And the best part of the holiday aside from loads of free candy and parties? The costume making process, of course.

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Unshaven Comics Interview at NYCC 2013 - The Samurnauts

Pete interviews Kyle, Matt and Mark from Unshaven Comics about The Samurnauts. Samurai astronauts, immortal monkeys and zombie cyborg space pirates! Nuff' said! Read more »

Transformers Director Michael Bay Assaulted in Extortion Attempt

Director Michael Bay was the victim of an extortion attempt and assault on the set in Hong Kong. Two men approached him demanding 100,000 Hong Kong Dollars, then attacked when he refused to pay. Bay reportedly suffered a minor injury to his face. The two men also assaulted the police who responded to the scene.

Looks like crappy plot isn't the biggest danger when working on a Transformers movie sequel.

Via Fox News

Make a Simple Dr. Doom Mask.

DIY Dr. Doom

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy a good instructable. Why, if I only had a workbench, tool shed, and no job... or maybe that would be bad. Anyway, check out this fine rundown by Instructables user gaudopippo on how he made this awesome and simple Dr. Doom mask.

Via Instructables

Timelapse of NY Comic Con from Our Booth

Six hours of NY Comic Con foot traffic compressed into seventeen minutes of footage. Our table was way in the back of artist alley (though right next to Chris Claremont which was awesome). We saw tons of cosplayers, Basement Fans, and even a wedding proposal. Comment on any cool finds in the footage. Here's one to start you off:

  • 07:43 - Bodacious Scarlet Witch and female Quicksilver

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