Superhero Life Expectancies Infographic

What is the estimated life expectancy for characters who lead a life of danger? This life insurance quote company breaks it down in a fun infographic.

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Michael Douglas Stars as Hank Pym in Marvel Studios Ant-Man

Two-time Academy Award winner Michael Douglas steps into some very big shoes (or some very tiny shoes depending on the time of day). Read more »

Marvel NOW: Amazing Spider-Man Returns With Issue #1

Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Now #1


A "leaked" image of Peter Parker swinging around in his original Amazing Spider-Man blue n' reds has hit the internet, and the rumor mill is buzzing. Could this be the return of Peter Parker? Could the Doctor Octopus Superior Spider-Man run be coming to an end? Who knows?  Read more »

Retro Comic Character Illustrations in Live Action Movies

 60's and 70's Marvel characters mix it up in their own movies, thanks to Brazilian designer. Read more »

Happy 100th Birthday to George Reeves!

January 5th, 1914 - June 16th, 1959

A century old today, and George Reeves' Superman is still enjoyed by audiences everywhere.  Read more »

Batman 1972 Batsploitation Pulp Art by Francesco Francavilla

Check out Francesco Francavilla's Batploitation, Batman 1972. Don't be a jive turkey. Read more »

Munch on Chew #1 - FREE!

Get a free taste of Chew, the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning, NY Times bestseller from Image Comics.

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Star Wars comes to Marvel Comics in 2015!

The Walt Disney Company's Lucasfilm Ltd and Marvel Entertainment join forces to bring brand new Star Wars adventures to fans across the galaxy! Read more »

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