Secret Invasion is Here!!!!!

OK, It's here. I just finished reading it and have an over all like of the book and what will/ can be. Be the first to post on what you think, what you liked and what you disliked. If you post any questions we will try to get your answers to you by the next show.
Please no major Spoilers for the ones who haven't read the issue yet.

With #2 read I can now

With #2 read I can now safely say this may be the best X-Over to date. The "Holy Shit" factor is 10 of 10 and every revelation and twist can be second guessed. I am an admitted Marvel "mark" but even the doubters have sang it's praises. When you look at the impact of this event and the revealed "Cosmic Fractures" from "Annihilation" I am sure the Marvel Universe will not soon be safe.
As for right now I am enjoying the hell out of this and the tie-ins. Nick Fury has never been more ass-kicking.

Kudos to all involved.

Nick Fury better get his own book after this is done

THIS is the way to shake up a comic book universe. DC, are you paying attention? The majority of these crossover titles that tie into the main storyline provide tons of information and backstory about what's going on, yet they're still non-essential (aside from the latest New Avengers issue) enough that you can just grab the main book and not have to spend all the cash on the rest of the books. The paranoia is rampant, and each book leaves you with more questions than answers. That being said, Secret Invasion #2 was obviously a setup issue, and I have a feeling that #3 is gonna be where the shit hits the fan. It's already been established that this is the best crossover to come out in a very long time, but I think issue 3 is going to cement it as probably the greatest crossover ever in comic history. Just a hunch. As far as those Cosmic Fractures are concerned Deadshotfan, you're probably right, if you've read Guardians of the Galaxy #1 there's a really odd final page that will likely tie in the Guardians to what's going on with SI on Earth. Talk about ass-kickery tho!

And lastly Deadshotfan, did you notice that if you just take the title of your post and don't complete the sentence you end up sounding like Yoda?

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Marvel reigns supreme!

I totally agree with you on this. i just don't see how anything from DC can top Marvel's run right now. This series is so damn good that even if each book was 60 pages i would still want more.

No Spoilers?

The only way you can comment on this book without spoiling anything is by saying two words:


I think predictions made in past episodes of the show and my own predictions will likely come true, as well as some new ones that popped up.

That vague enough for ya?

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Secret Invasion is Here

It fucking rock I can't wait for the next book but there is no more Secret Invasion books till may. I am can of mad at about that.

Why wait til may?

April still has a lot of secret invasion tie-ins to see not to mention a sweet trade too.

Captain Marvel 5

Avengers: Kree/Skrull War TPB
Mighty Avengers 12
Ms. Marvel 26

New Avengers 40