Danny's Blog #3 (Freddy/Jason/Ash/Michael Myers)

So I'm sitting here in my white room with black curtains. I'm watching a horror movie starring Ben Affleck as Daredevil and I was reminded about the horror books Pete and I reviewed on Episode 8. Mainly I was reminded of FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH. Now we reviewed it and gave you our opinions about it and we even gave ya' a few spoilers, but I want to give you people a little more. I'm going to give you an overview about the series and tell you the basics of the story without giving you any spoilers. I'm doing this just incase Pete and myself didn't presuade you enough to get the books, also I want to give you people another chance to be convinced into buying these books before I have to go to your house and eat your gold fish.

FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH is the sequel to the movie "FREDDY VS. JASON". The story takes place 5 years after the events of the movie. FREDDY is dead to the world but alive and trapped in JASON's head. FREDDY wants the NECRONOMICON aka The Book of the Dead which was seen in the EVIL DEAD movie series. Just like in FREDDY VS. JASON, Mr. Krueger uses JASON as a puppet but this time it's so he can get this NECRONOMICON book. Now introduce ASH the Chosen One from The Evil Dead series. He is the only one who can stop FREDDY and JASON. Madness ensues and you have an awesome comic book with comedy, violence, and lots of blood and gore.

The story is up to issue 5 out of a 6 issue series. Issue 1 is becoming harder and harder to find, Issues 2 & 3 are already on their second printings, Issues 4 & 5 are still easily found but who knows for how long. If you're someone who likes to get the single issues for a particular story arc then move fast, but if you can wait I'm sure a trade paperback will be released. If you wait though you are risking the chance of hearing the ending of the story somewhere. So go get the books now!!!!!

Moving on from FREDDY/JASON/ASH we come to Haddonfield, Illinois which is the home of serial killer MICHAEL MYERS. Devil's Due Publishing has released a new HALLOWEEN comic book. It's called "HALLOWEEN: NIGHTDANCE". After reading this book I wanted to dance in the night on the train tracks and wait for the number 2 train to hit me. Now I'm going to give it a chance and waste my $3.50 per issue to see where it goes. I'm doing this only because I'm a MICHAEL MYERS fan. The way this book is turning out only fans of the HALLOWEEN franchise can enjoy this, and even so they'll still probably want to kill themselves after spending the money. So far it's on issue 2 and nothing has really happened. Here's the rundown: Some girl is having bad dreams and acting so emo that MICHAEL MYERS won't have to kill her cause it seems she'll cut herself at any moment, MICHAEL MYERS starts stalking her I assume because she has a resemblance to JUDITH MYERS the sister he killed as a child or maybe he just wants to finally lose his virginity, and there's a guy who's also sad and emo because MYERS killed his girlfriend. The book is not a total crapfest. Like I said if you're a HALLOWEEN fan you'll probably enjoy yourself, but with the slow paced story and all the emo people moping around I can see it being hard for the casual reader to get into it or the HALLOWEEN fan to stay with it. I just hope the story starts picking up soon 'cause I can't keep robbing my neighborhood drug dealers and pimps so I can buy a shitty comic book.

That's it for now, I'm out this bitch...and in and out and...you get the picture! Laaaate!