Quick thoughts on the DCNu.

Justice League - Awesome

This book will be pretty, it will also be huge. I am thinking record breaking huge. The classic lineup is something old timers like me have been longing for. Coming in new on a classic Justice League done right is also one of the best ways I can imagine entering this hobby. IMO a "must read" and great gift idea, especially the bundled pack.

Justice League International - Very Good

Dan Jurgens is to Booster Gold what Jack Kirby was to Darkseid. Booster is his and ONLY he can do the character right, IMO. No offense to Giffen. I really think this book will entertain in both a comedic and dramatic way. I will give it a shot, I think Dan Jurgens will give the funny but also deliver a lot of action. At $2.99 a bargain.

Aquaman- Awesome

Johns loves a challenge. An Aquaman book in the top 10? There is a challenge! Freed from so much BAD continuity I cannot wait to see what DC delivers. Seriously, how can you not love Aquaman?

Wonder Woman - ????????

Great writer, art, not my favorite. For me Wonder Woman often reads like homework. This sounds to me like more of the same stuff. I am not enthusiastic at all.

Flash - Awesome

Simply this, this is the Flash I wish I had got with "Reborn". Having Barry thinking as fast as he runs hooks me. I pray we are beyond the "Speed Force" and on to new things.

Firestorm - Sleeper

Gail Simone and Yildray Cinar? I bought the very first Firestorm book centuries ago. I liked it then but not enough to follow very long. His longevity amazes me. I think this may be one of the best "newbie" books of the 52. They sure are throwing some skill at it.

Captain Atom - Why?

Hawkman - mmmmmmm

I love me some Hawkman. DC has made it hard but I do. I hope Tony Daniel makes this an accessible book and fun. The "Indiana Jones" approach to Carter Hall sounds good. Phillip Tan on art should be good as well. I think Hawkman has potential, but DC is great at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

DCU Presents - ???????????

No real opinion other than a rotating cast feature book would be great.

Mr. Terrific - I guess?

Seems more like a diversity op than anything. I hope it works but ????????

Action Comics - Hey that is my old Superman outfit!

And my mom hated my wasting clean towels for capes. Grant Morrison reinvents the most iconic hero ever. Well of course he does. Here is a shocker, I think it will be really good. Like, JLA good. Superman in 1938 was a no nonsense brawler. He worked outside the law and would punch a wife beater in the throat! Clark Kent was clever and always a step ahead. Superman did not tolerate much from any thug, even if he ran a country. After the last run I am ready for anything. A super alien raised by a good old hard working Kansas couple left on his own to find his place in the world? I will read it drinking a cold beer and eating a big fat burger. If it is what I hope that seems appropriate, if not it will make a great coaster.

Superman - Stop whining about the suit!

More of the same, a Superman who gets things done without pining away for Krypton or some other crap. I like it!

Supergirl, Superboy - No angst please!

Batman, Detective Comics,Batwoman, Batman the Dark Knight, Batman & Robin, Batwing, Batgirl, Nightwing, Catwoman, Birds of Prey, Red Hood - Holy Market Saturation!

Wow still a crapload of books with a lot of X-Over possible. Exactly what has kept me off Batman for a long time. I will be getting Detective since Daniel promises short arcs and self contained and Batman based on the talent but nothing else is a must. Frankly they all have promise, even Batwing, but I can only buy so much. I think a "Batman Family" monthly with 3 features would be better than all these books but who knows?

Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps. New Guardians, Red Lanterns - Wow!

If Johns ever does a GL Omnibus it will be bigger than a house. He has taken the GL mythology and made it bigger and bolder than ever, it is huge. That is why I am skipping it. I can't buy them all every month and don't want to. Sure the events were great but I don't want to buy 20 pages that amount to a panel in the grand tale. Johns rivals Kirby on his scope of imagination. He thinks in opus. I just want to read 2-3 stories a year featuring Hal Jordan. Here I am in the minority but it is what it is.

Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing and Animal Man - Not my thing but if you like that style you should be giggling and peeing your pants.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE - This is my style.

Jumping from "Flashpoint" we get classic movie monsters, espionage and lots of pure mayhem. IMO this is where DC trumps Marvel. They have a Z list roster that is beyond any. "Creature Commandos" is a great concept. "Freaks defending a world that fears and loathes them" never gets old. No shiny vampires, ugly monsters doing ugly things to ugly people. Pure escapist brain candy!

I, Vampire, Resurrection Man, Demon Knights, Voodoo, Grifter and Stormwatch -

A lot of stuff that frankly, has absolutely no appeal to me. I am not sure why they are in the DCU?

Suicide Squad - Oh my!

I love Deadshot. I love what Ostrander did waayy back in the old days. I even like the original version that fought dinosaurs on a island in WW2. Based on the solicit I think I will love this book. I hope everyone who enjoys psychotic villains taking on psychotic villains in a kill or be killed game of chess should pick this up. The art looks insane.

Deathstroke - No, hey wait, this looks good.

I have never followed Slade Wilson's sheenanigans. I know he has been a sociopath and a major bad man but not much else. The solicit on this makes me want it. The art is great, it looks like pure mayhem and it promises to be a new take. I am on board till it starts taking on water.

All-Star Western - Yes, absolutely.

Jonah Hex in 19th century Gotham City. What else do you need. The team of creators are great and the concept is awesome. Almost like a cowboy Goon? Pure goodness? No, more like twisted macabre goodness.

O.M.A.C. - You'd think I would but no

Blackhawks - Oh hell yes!

The original private contracted special-ops team! Updated with a dash of G.I. Joe and a pinch of HALO. I have been a mark for anything Blackhawk my whole life. IMO this is a concept that should work well. I mean like movie and toys well. But I also think M.A.R.S. Patrol is wasting. Major Kudos to anyone who knows who "The Baldies" are. A truly international team of military specialists who work out of a secret island base. Great stuff in any era. This is a whole new take but some of them look awful familiar. I hope Pete gets this as well as all of you.

Men of War - $3.99 is asking a bit much.

The solicit sounds good, the cover to #2 is awesome. Honestly I hope this is good but it is a big ?

Teen Titans, Static Shock, Hawk & Dove, Blue Beetle - Good move!

4 concepts re-imagined for a new audience. Of all these Blue Beetle hooks me the most. Honestly every one would be a great gift to hook a new reader. Liefeld is lucky, Gates is a great writer who can attract a base who have no preconceptions on what a jackass he can be. If I new any pre-teens who read I would buy all of these for them.

Legion Lost and LOSH - DAMMIT!

I jumped on Levitz' run just in time for it to get derailed. Honestly I don't see either of these being as good. I hope I get proven wrong.

Well I think that does it. I hope someone is still reading at this point and will share there opinion. Overall I think the DCNu is a bold move on DC's part and was about the only thing they could do at this point. If it proves to be a stunt or they return to the "Crisis" madness it will be a damn shame. Now watch Marvel play "monkey see, monkey do". Honestly a de-Bendised Marvel would be grat IMO but that is a whole other rant.

my thoughts

i've never been a big DC fan, though i've tried over the years. countless times i'd be browsing the new releases and searching for a DC book to get to add to my stack of Marvels. but i've never found a solid book that entertained me enough to keep going back for more. quite simply what it comes down to is the characters, even if a story did amaze me on it's own i never wanted to see what happened next to the main characters the way i do with Marvel heroes. this has always saddened me in the past as i hate being known as a "Marvel guy", i never care what company does the publishing as long as i like the stories.

that being said i decided a few months ago before they made the big announcement that i would give up looking for DC books. if something caught my eye or i heard a good recommendation i'd likely check it out, but i would no longer actively try to find anything from them. since i haven't been invested in them in the past, i don't really care about this whole reboot or renew or whatever they want to call it as a whole. but individually i see it as a bunch of brand new books coming out to decide on their own without any past prejudice steering me if i'll want to buy them. business-wise i think it's a bold & much needed move but i have my doubts as to whether or not it'll last. i saw a line in one article that said something like "DC is publishing 52 new #1s in September 2011, let's see how many #12s there are in 2012" or something like that.

so i've been reading the various articles & interviews these past few weeks about the new books coming out and i gotta say, i'm already feeling disappointed in my options. going through the list of titles in the previews the only book that i even want to read is Suicide Squad, and that's only because Harley Quinn is in it. i might pick up Resurrection Man only because DnA is writing it, though i've never even heard of the character before. and finally i might try Blackhawks because if i'm reading this right it sounds like it has no actual DC heroes in it at all, but rather a military type of unit and doesn't sound like any superheroes would likely make a cameo (and how sad is it that that makes it look more interesting to me?).