Post SDCC announcements and solicits (Spoilers maybe?) and reasons to stay.

Grow back your goatees, pull out your flannel shirts, put on some Blind Melon cause were going back to the 90's.

Well it seems like it at times. The Ultimate relaunch with it's chromium variants hit. $25.00 at Midtown Comics, get 'em while you can. After all they are "Instant Collector Items". God knows my Turok #1 gets lonely. I am looking at it now, mmmmmmmmmmm pretty.

Spider-Clones, sweeping events, variants out the wazoo and wait for it.....................the return of Marvel/Miracleman! Oh boy!

Yes the classic Fawcett Captain Marvel British knock-off turned ruler of a Utopian/Dystopian Earth is returning. All of Neil Gaiman's work may pay off and all those Alan Moore, Gaiman fans longing for the conclusion to this opus are holding their peckers in one hand and tissue in the other. Can we hope for more graphic birth scenes and guy on guy sweetness? yeah probably.

Since DC has a key title featuring Lesbian heroes this seems like a perfect time for Joey Q to one up them with some real androgynous action. I wont pretend to be a Moore fan but I appreciate how loyal if not crazed his fans are. I feel bad for them because given Marvel's editorial staff I cant imagine this will, or could, live up to their expectations.

This and Loeb's Hulk book being shoved to the front was the big news out of SDCC. Look for a Red She-Hulk with a mystery identity and "World War Hulk 2: Gamma Irradiated Boogaloo" on comic shelves soon. Oh and lest I forget the X-Books are going to feature a very "black" crossover where the dead mutants shall rise. UGH.

Jim Shooter returns! Dark Horse has announced they have the rights to the Gold Key characters and they will be relaunched with a new take by comic legend Jim Shooter! This sounds like a valiant undertaking. Yes the pre-Unity Valiant comics are getting a new lease on life. No word on chromium variants yet. I hope Shooter does pull this off. All these characters are great and in the right hands would be very enjoyable to read. If DH avoids trying to do a re imaging of the Valiant stuff it could be good. Now let me think who is really good that Shooter hasn't pissed off? Oh damn.

I could go on but the big question is, why? There isn't much happening now that hasn't before. Punisher R.I.P., a new attempt to revive T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Liefeld on Youngblood, Image United (an oxymoron if there ever was) and all the Marvel heroes are being one upped by a bad guy. Everything here has been done, a lot.

Everyone who publishes comics acknowledges that the 90's nearly killed comics but every bad idea that contributed short of Superman dying or having a mullet is being revisited. The Marvels Project at initial count had 6 covers. The sheer glut of titles is astonishing and only getting worse. New publishers pop up and drop and Hollywood has usurped Comic-Con.

Maybe it's just me, thats why I am posting this. Anyone else here have a sense of Deja-What the Hell?
Do you find yourself losing interest based on these trends?

Honestly having War of Kings do the non-ending spin off yet again thing has me considering dropping out of the comic thing yet again. Just like the 90's. I loved everything Abnett & Lanning have done but, call me old fashioned. I like a story that ends so something totally new can begin.

I hope this gets read and people will reply, I can use some false hope and reasons to stay.

oh damn!

dude!, i totally feel your pain. I could care fucking less about the vast myriad of covers thrown out there. True some of these are just gorgeous, but the market is flooded with them. i do feel that nothing is original any more. I mean blackest night is great but the idea has been floating around for years, they just finally did it.
i won't get into the Hulk. Nope, (tear escaped my eye)!
The fantastic Four book sucked Balls!!!! WTF!
You know i can almost overlook 3.99, almost! Then they throw this crap at me.
Not to sound like a repetitive bitch but what the fuck is with the variants. the villain variants are gorgeous, but i ain't paying those prices. why have such a talented artist stuck on covers. give the man a project!
ok, I'm shaking, so that's my cue to stop.

The variants are just

The variants are just ridiculous. I remember a time when the editor insisted that the best art was.....wait for it...............THE GODDAMN COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember back when an editor had balls enough to reject something, say an idea of divorcing FF from continuity for two years to tell a story that means nothing long term but will sell because the guys doing it are bankable.
Remember back when editors used ...........wait for it..................THE BEST BANKABLE TALENT BECAUSE THAT IS WHO WAS ON THE PAYROLL! The pandering to these fucking Millar's, Morrison's, Gaiman's and such at the expense of quality and consistency makes me sick.
Millar's 1985/Fantastic Four was beyond dumb. It read like an independent comic, a bad independent comic written by a first timer who was trying to tell the biggest story ever.
And now in Ultimate Avengers the Red Skull is going to be a tattooed bastard child of Captain America. I appreciate Millar is afflicted with Crohns disease and is heavily medicated but damn. Dumb ass is dumb ass.
Marvel right now is trying to sell us the literary equivalent to a hobo's dick cheese and I have had it.
Now I'm shaking

I wish Jack Kirby was still alive, these fuckers wouldn't last ten minutes without an ass whipping. The problem with today is every editor is shooting for that 100k gimmick or name and speculative fans are supporting it. Quality is just a happy accident or turning up where you least expect.

Bankable Talent

What I don't get is how the majority of this "bankable talent," more specifically, the writers who were writing actual novels before comic companies started hiring them, can't seem to write their way out of a paper bag when it comes to this. I don't know if Morrison wrote any novels before comic books, and I don't really care, I'm grouping him in with the rest of 'em. They're overpaying for their so-called talent, and for their money they get rediculously convoluted and asinine stories that would take a novel (or at least some cliff's notes) to understand fully. It almost seems like the writers are writing to the editorial staff or themselves more accurately and not to the people who actually buy the product. Bendis writes to hear himself talk, Morrison changes the plot every freakin' issue so there's no consistency or comprehension to his work, and I'm not even gonna get into Millar or Gaiman. At this point we might as well bring back Isaac Asimov from the dead (anybody got a spare Black Lantern ring?) and have him show these crackheads how it's done. Or a more cost-effective and less dangerous and scary option would be to have Geoff Johns, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning hold a good comic book writing summit. You can even have Matt Fraction and Dave Brubaker guest lecture. At least their stories are understandable, if not enjoyable.

that's another thing!

The money they pay these damn loons and the FUCKING EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTS screw over the buyers and limit the competition. Grant Morrison is paid way too much to confuse me! AND IF I HEAR THAT DAMN STORY OF HIM READING HIS BOOKS IN THE BATHTUB I'M GONNA GO ON A SERIOUS KILLING SPREE. THE BASEMENT HAS ENOUGH WEAPONS!
that leads to higher prices and great indie companies having to fold or sell out! Let's not even talk about $3.99. Yeah the cost of publishing is going up but maybe if you didn't pamper these bitched they would be less of a strain.