How Many Ply Would It Take?

How much trouble would Wolverine have going to the bathroom if he couldn't get his claws to go back into his body? I mean if worse came to worse, he has the healing factor, but still.

Does Spider-Man's spider sense work with plot twists in movies too?
"Don't go in there! Spidey, should she go in there?"
"Nah, I'm gettin' nothin. This movie sucks."


Just in case this ever happens, Wolverine has a bidet in his bathroom. So he can shoot water at his butthole. Then he gets the rest of it by rubbing his tush against a towel he has hung on the wall ... Hey, you think Batmans the only character whos thought of everything? Wolverines gone and done his thinking too.

If you really think about it

If you really think about it the claws shouldnt be much of a problem unless his taking a shit. When pissing he can hold his meat with its thumb and index finger and the claws shouldnt be in the way. The problem I can see happening is he'll most likely pee on his claws as they stick out. So when he's done he'll have to wash his hands and rinse his claws or he'll be retracting urine infested claws back into his forearm. But when he comes to wiping his ass after pooping he's assed out LoL Good thing he has a healing factor.

As for the Spider-Sense thing. I wish I had a bad movie Spider-Sense it would have saved me time, money, and brain cells. All which I lost when I went to see GhostRider.