Pete's Basement Episode 32- 09.03.08

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Pete and the boys (and special guest Penny Dreadful!) review some of the independent projects that have crossed the Basement table! SEE: Steve's room! SEE: Penny's Corner of Doom! SEE: Pete in a White Tee-Shirt! SEE: Adam's Full Frontal Pantsing! YES! ALL ON THIS WEEK'S...PETE'S BASEMENT!

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Hello, Steve, Adam and Wendy,

I would like to thank you for reviewing my book Malcolm Hellbourne, Occult Detective.
It opened my eyes to what you said in the areas to work on. I appreciate constructive criticism. I'm glad you like it in some areas like concept and art.

My next book will be much better and I'll send you a copy when its done. Adam, he'll have an actual case to solve. No relatives)

And Adam and Wendy Malcolm's brother's name is not named after the guitarist. His last name to actually is after a giant commodities financial company Bache. I used to work on the Commodities Exchange and I liked the name.

So thank you again, I just wished you showed the book.


The Ouchman

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words about us!