Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Only 10 more days until Halloween! It's one of my favorite holidays, and I really hope that something cool will be going on this year. What I would really love to do, is go to a costume party. I haven't been to one since I was twelve.

Making my costume is one of the most fun parts of the holiday. Some of my favorite memories of the Halloween season growing up was going to the fabric store with my Mom so she could shop for tacky material to make me clothes out of. Not because I wanted dresses made out of printed designs that would surely get me made fun of in school, but because I loved flipping through the books of costume patterns that hit the table come Fall.

Page after page of awesomeness! All these possible characters that I could be! From Batgirl to Mummies! I begged my Mom to get some cool patterns and make me a costume. It would have been really nice to not have to put on my vinyl Raggedy Ann smock and plastic mask another year in a row. Or have to wear the orange jack-o-lantern sack stuffed with newspapers she kept trying to push on me because it was cheap and easy to make. I wanted to be something cool! I wanted to be a cartoon character or a superhero!

Not all the patterns were winners though. There were many poor interpretations of popular characters that just hurt my feelings. Just check out that interesting Batman costume pattern down there. Definitely screams "clueless Nana-made". The saddest part is that it's official Batman merchandise.

I wonder how many semi-disappointed trick-or-treaters went out in that puffy cowl the year that pattern hit the stands? If anything, I would pity that kid and give them extra candy, so I suppose it all works out in the end.




Yep, there sure were a lot of cool costumes though. But despite my incessant nagging, my Mom never gave in to my Halloween dreams, and my costumes were either re-used things from previous years, or put together with stuff that we had around the house.

I still make my costumes like this today. If I don't already have it, or can't spend less than five bucks on little things I need to complete it, it's not happening.


What are you going as this year? And do you usually make or buy your costume? I'm still kicking around a few ideas. I have a poodle skirt, so I'm thinking of being a 50's zombie chick. If I can find that invisible dog leash I used to see at festivals, or make one, that would be awesome.

For YEARS I also asked my Mom to no avail to make Lydia's red spiderweb poncho from the Beetlejuice cartoon for me. Maybe I'll resurrect that idea for this year?

Some costumes I've whipped together as a kid have been witches, ghosts, a vampire, a kitty and Zorro, which was probably one of my favorites. I wish I had pictures of myself from Halloween over the years, but if you can't tell from the home-made clothes and costumes, we were too broke for film and film development most of the time. I do have some pictures of more recent costumes however. Selfies, but whateva!


Gold Digger Widow
Day of the Dead Skeleton
Poison Ivy
Steampunk Hulahooping Ringmaster



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