Batman Vs. Spider-Man

It's one of the comic world's age old questions; who would win, Spider-Man or Batman?
I was going through some Comic Con footage and there was a quick segment where Pete talks to J.K. Woodward about this question. Pete feels Batman would win and J.K. feels Spidey would win.

Click on the icon below to see Pete and J.K. discuss this at the 2011 Comic Con in NYC.

J.M. Dematteis has written two stories where they team up; New Age Dawning and Disordered Minds. I have not read them yet, but I plan on picking up New Age Dawning soon! I will let you know what I think! He's a good writer, so I'm not very worried.

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I tend to agree more with J.K. and feel Spidey would win in a fight. And there is really one reason why, Spidey has superhuman abilities. Superhuman strength, agility and speed. As fast, strong, smart and equipped as Bats is, I don't see him taking out Spider-Man. Batman is good at sneaking up on people, clinging to the darkness and having the element of surprise, but Spidey has his spidey-sense to combat that. Don't get me wrong, Batman is one of my favorite superheroes of all time, definitely my favorite DC character, but let's be real. Uh, as real as superheroes can possibly be. Am I missing something? There are people (Pete!) who feel that Batman could take out Superman too. I don't really believe that either. Remove the Kryptonite wild card and all Superman would need to do is use his heat vision from 100 feet away and Batman would be toast. Now, I know in Tower of Babel, another great story, Batman had come up with plans to take out the individual members of the Justice League in the event that one of them became out of control. And the plan worked, against him, and the rest of the team, but it worked.

However, in this instance we're just talking about Batman and Spider-Man, up against each other. No elaborate plans. No using Aunt May as leverage. No "hey, look over there" type of ploys. Who walks away the winner?

What do you guys think? Am I and J.K. right or is Pete?
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