Bob's Books 5/2/08

One hell of a week. Here goes. There are spoilers ahead.

• Action Comics 864 - Good issue considering it is just coming off of a great damn run by Johns and Frank. The addition of Batman and Lightning Lad was a great idea. This ends with a big ad for the Final Crisis: legion. I must admit I am not sure about this Crisis thing.

•DC Universe 0 - I don’t know. It was free so that’s a plus. The idea of Barry Allen coming back, sucks. Leave iconic deaths alone. I hope this works out like the whole Captain Marvel thing. And I should go on the record as saying that if Batman is killed I will be greatly pissed!

•Green Lantern 30 - OK I was really irked by the retelling of G’s origin but now that they are connecting the Blackest Night with Abin Sur’s death. Well damn I like it. The Sinestro Corps really set a high standard and I am so looking forward to the next one and the developing stories leading to it.

•Legion of Super-Heroes 41 - I am so glad I jumped on this book. It has been consistently good. The whole notion of a United Planets and a team of super powered aliens sounded crazy to me. Well the last few issues have shown me that Lightning Lad agrees with me. Good series. Might go back and get the trades.

•Teen Titans 58 - I was also quite worried with this book as of late. Well for a while really. The addition of Miss Martian worried me due to the lack of origin they fixed it this issue. Damn good history too. Look forward to seeing the story unfold with the Terror Titans. Even though that name sounds dumb as hell.

•Teen Titans Year One 4 - Early teen angst. That is this book in a nutshell. Add in nothing else and you get this book. I hope this somehow helps with the current Titans book.

•Witchblade Devi - I liked it. I won’t lie, I didn’t think I would. Most company crossovers tend to be bull but this worked for me. Virgin Comics is really interesting me.

•Avengers the Initiative 12 - How the hell did those kids graduate? Well anyways, they did. Good wrap up issue. Though I really don’t care for Justice and the rest of the former New Warriors. I also liked seeing Thor Girl again. Yes! If it’s Thor related I will almost always like it. Don’t judge me.

•New Avengers 40 - Damn! Great book. I mean so many questions were answered. So many more brought up. I don’t see how Crisis takes down Secret Invasion. I mean we all asked why Elektra… and now we know.

•Marvel Comics Presents 8 - It’s something to read. Technically this book doesn’t have a jumping on point. It really makes no sense to say pick it up. Not to mention the fact that a trade would be best for it, if the stories were worth it.

•New Warriors 11 – Who the hell is Night Thrasher? Do I care? Not so much. I like young heroes rebelling. That ad a few former X-Men are keeping me on the book. For now.

•Thor Ages of Thunder – Oh Yeah! Thor being all badass and what not. Not to much with the old English more of a bash your brains in. Seeing all of old Asgard was cool too. The art was superb as was the writing.

•Ultimate X-Men 93 – I liked the fact that Ultimate Apocalypse was so kick ass. Then they made Phoenix to whoop his ass. Oh did she ever. It was a good ending to an arc. Leaves things interesting for future issues.

•X-Men Legacy 210 – Cool. It was cool to see Prof. X whoop ass. It was cool to see him be different. And it was cool to see that this book will involve other X-Men.

•Young Avengers presents 4(Vision) – I likes this group from the get go. I still like it. They should have their own book by now. In this Marvel has irked the hell out of me. The art on this series so far is great and the stories help define a group that should be together and out there making a name for themselves. I mean the New Warriors got a book, why not Young Avengers.

•Caliber: first canon of justice 1- the whole title first canon of justice is cheesy. The book isn’t. I truly love Arthurian tales. Except for the Mist of Avalon! Anyways this was a cool book. It was perfect bound and the art was sweet! The story was good but I would say the art is better.

•Hercules: the Thracian Wars 1- this and Caliber are the first books from radical comics. A new publisher trying to do their thing. The books were a dollar a pop and just rocked. This Hercules is a gritty one. No thees and thous. A whole lot of action! Great art and writing. Not a lot of dialogue though. That was slightly weird.

•Grimm Fairy Tales the Piper 1&2 – I am getting into the whole idea of Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales. It is cool seeing twisted children’s tales. This is one hell of a story so far. Hard to find too. Had a hell of a time getting the first issue and I won’t even get into the hell I went through getting the trades of the regular series. They got my attention and I am enjoying myself.