Bob's Books 4/10/08

Small yet good week. which is good cause i am still dazed from the invasion.

•Echo 2- This book is getting good. The character is starting to grow and as expected her opposing characters are in play. The nature of all that crap that fell onto her is also started to show, of course slowly. You shouldn’t expect something like Kick-Ass here. It’s not that kind of book nor will it ever be.

•Batman Confidential 16- The arc with the wrath is over. I’m happy about this. It ended well mind you but this could of gone bad if dragged out more. The character is an evil batman basically and his thoughts on batman are priceless. From commenting on the gimmicks batman use to the fact that he refuses to use guns. Let’s be real these are limitations that batman can only work around for so much. In the end some villain will truly figure a way to defeat batman. Hell hush had him on the ropes.

•Countdown 3- Ok for a minute there I was liking this book. Darkseid kicking the crap out of Superman is great until olsen powered up. Mary marvel seems to have gone totally bad and held her own beating the crap out of donna troy and kyle rayner. Normally I wouldn’t like this but those 2 had it coming in this series. A lot of people have it coming because of this series

•Exterminators 28- You just can’t beat evil Egyptian bugs! Except maybe by adding the special Vertigo touch. I have loved this series from the get go and look forward to seeing it end. I know it will go out great.

•Green Lantern Corps 23- Oh Yeah! Mongul is starting to make his move. The problem with the green lantern crew is that they are too powerful. Well mongul changes all that. He is a force to be feared by himself. Now armed with a whole load of sinestro rings and what appears to be him uniting the other ring bearers. This is looking to get quite good.

•Justice Society of America 14- this is one of the best books I read period! That says a lot coming from a DC book. They have pulled off the huge roster they have and the addition of kingdom come superman. This book should be picked up and you will enjoy it. The addition of gog had me worried but they settled his origin and has him taking on the JSA with little to no problem. I like me a good villain.

•Titans 1- OK this was a weird one. The main problem with the book is the continuity, or lack there of. I mean this book is the second part to titans east. Yes the same book that came out several months ago. One could read this and not necessarily need to have read that book but it helps. The other problem is that they tried to add Countdown continuity to this book. Which screws around with the last book. I liked the art. Ian Churchill is hit or miss in my eyes but he stepped up in this issue. Hopefully they will clean things up.

•Wonder Woman 19- She took on a Green Lantern and won. That was a great idea that I felt was needed to show that she belongs in the big three. The rest of the book is ok at best.

•Fantastic Four 556- I didn’t like it. I mean the cover has a horrible looking thing pleading for cap to cease his attack. BITCHASSNESS! This issue has limited action and is just another filler. A filler for Mr. Fantastic To come to the rescue. WHAT!!! MOST OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE LOST TO THE DAMN ROBOT BUT THE NERD THAT STRETCHES IS GOING TO SAVE THE DAY! If he is so smart he needs to cure his best friend already!

•Nova 12- Fight is so on! The man goes to the phalanx home world and takes care of business. You should be picking up this book.

•Wolverine 64- Wolverine isn’t the best at what he does. I will argue this point with anyone! He is persistent though and that makes him very exceptional. The little guy is a juggernaut in his own way. Unlike the true juggernaut he can be moved but he will come back. At anytime in any way. And mystique is just a bitch… a blue one at that. She has been around for as long and Logan and has shown us why. She can take a beating and will do anything to survive. Obviously more ruthless then wolverine, if she was on the good guys side she would deserve a spot on X-Force.