Pete's Basement Season 7, Episode 32 Part 2 - 10.7.14

Join us for Episode 32 Part 2!

Pete, Ramon, D, and Tom talk Black Mask's Critical Hit and Last Born! Also Fiction Squad, and thoughts on the new female Thor!

Pete and Ramon hit the roundtable with Dimitrios Fragiskatos and Tom Griffin, the creators of Greasers in Greece, to discuss this week's new releases in a feature-length two part episode! In Part 1 the boys will discuss Sam Wilson taking over as Captain America in the latest issue, as well as D and Tom's newest book, Frankenstein vs. Dracula: Throughout the Ages! Stick around for New Gods and Green Lantern action in the inappropriately named Godhead, and the travesty that has befallen The Main Man, Lobo. 
Indie number 1's and even a new contest wrap up the first installment of episode 32! So get to downloading!