First Look at The Simpsons Lego Playset - UPDATED!

Earlier this week, we were excited over some leaked photos of possible Simpsons playset of their home at 742 Evergreen Terrace. Well, the rumors are true! Simpson fans rejoice!

Due out next month, The Simpsons playset is massive! It contains over 2,500 pieces and features the main characters of the longest running animated series (as well as longest running sitcom, and scripted prime-time series) Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie, and Ned Flanders.

To promote this super occassion, the 25th Season of the Simpsons will release a Lego themed episode in May.

Since The Simpsons has a crap ton of characters in their universe, I bet it's safe to say that many other playsets and characters will be released if this one is successful. Connecting a LEGO model of Springfield together? Now, THAT would be pretty awesome. I think if they make the power plant and include Blinky, it's mine. Only for Blinky. What about a set of Krusty the Clown's show? Also, Bart's tree house, you gotta have that! The possibilities are endless, and could be an awesome money making move by LEGO. 

The playset photo was originally leaked by a member of, a forum that aims to unite LEGO fans around the world. 

More official photos of this epic playset can be found at here - Juxtapoz

Gamespot posted an article earlier this year about the possibility of a Simpsons RPG in the future. Since LEGO has much success cross promoting games with toys, could the release of this Simpsons set pave the way for a LEGO Simpsons game?

The Simpsons have always had popular games. One of my favorites was Bart Simpson vs. The Space Mutants for Nintendo, which I have displayed on my wall with other Nintendo games. Currently, The Simpsons™: Tapped Out by Electronic Arts, has brought in over 100 million dollars in revenue.

Big franchises that have already received the LEGO treatment with toys and games include Harry PotterIndiana JonesStar WarsPirates of the CaribbeanMarvel SuperheroesBatman, and Lord of the Rings.  Traveller's Tales, the company that develops the LEGO Games, is also currently working on The Hobbit due out later this year. I imagine that including a Simpsons game on that list would just drive everyone crazy. Especially our Ramon, who loves himself some LEGO games.

For more details on The Simpsons Lego Set, check out this official video from it's LEGO creators. 

How likely are you to get this playset if it comes out? And lets be honest, will your kids be allowed to play with it, or is it something you will keep in your personal space to yourself?





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