Power Rangers Takes a Dark Turn in This Short Film!


Did you grow up watching Power Rangers as a kid? 

I was in that weird age bracket, 13, 8th grade, where you simply didn't watch kid's shows. It wasn't cool. I just missed the child-like fascination with the show, but I would run home after school and watch it in secret because, let's face it, Amy Jo Johnson was hot. Then they introduced Jason David Frank as Tommy, and I quickly realized, this was a dude who knew his shit. Here was what the show needed, a tried and true Martial Artist. And then it was a little cool to admit you watched the show.

But this? You ain't never seen The Power Rangers like this. This is a short 14-minute film from director Joseph Kahn, starring Katie Sackoff as Kimberly, and James Van Der Beek as, well, you'll just have to figure out who he is as the movie progresses.

And it is absolutely worth your time!! Grab a snack. Sit down. And watch one of the greatest "fan films" ever to grace the internet. What we have here is an R-rated, definitely-not-safe-for-fucking-work, hyper-violent take on a beloved 90s children's show. And it is gloious.