Marvel Fox Deal In The Works?!? The X-Men Meet The Avengers?!? Read On...



On Thursday, July 2nd, we posted the above image on our Instagram, which subsequently linked to all of our other social media sites. 

On a hot tip from our buddy Mikey Sutton, we learned that Fox and Marvel are currently in talks to bring the X-Men and The Fantastic Four back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

According to the rumor, Fox and Marvel are working on a deal similar to the one Marvel recently collaborated on and signed with Sony for Spider-Man. Basically, the characters return to Marvel and Marvel Studios gets creative control over their properties. Fox retains the film rights to the characters (as Sony does with Spider-Man) and gets "final say" in any creative decisions.

Which is basically the legal jargon of "We know we've been assholes but please don't embarrass us completely in front of the populace."

So on paper, Fox gets final say in what happens to the characters, but basically all they really need to do is sit down, shut up, and get paid to do nothing. Just like Sony with Spider-Man.


So the plan for now is, Bryan Singer's last film will be X-Men: Apocalypse, and then come 2020, the X-Men will meet the Avengers. The characters get rebooted or restarted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Now, everything you've just read should of course be taken with a grain or two of salt. It IS just a rumor. For now. Is it official? By no means. Yet. Could talks fall through and the two companies go back to hating eachother's guts? Sure. Are we gonna' have to wait a long time before we find out anything concrete. Most likely. 

But we can keep our fingers crossed for now.


And, we can take solace in the following points.


1) Our boy Mikey Sutton's track record is pretty damn impeccable. 

Here's a few of Mikey's biggest hits: He called Deathlok appearing in "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." He knew about the Inhumans debuting on "AOS," too! And Skye being Daisy Johnson, the daughter of Mr. Hyde! He knew Benedict Cumberbatch was Doctor Strange, even when other sites were reporting that he had lost the role, or was still only a contender. He was the first to announce the "Captain Marvel" film would be produced for Marvel's Phase 3, AND THE BIG ONE, he was all over the Sony/Marvel deal, even after every geek site said it was dead! And we at the Pete's Basement Show stood by him! We told you that deal would happen, and it did!

If you're looking for some non-Marvel proof, how about Mikey calling out Doomsday in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"!


Mikey doesn't just post any and every rumor he comes across. And we neither do we. 


2) Its idiotic for it NOT to happen!

Both companies know there are literally billions of dollars to be made by teaming up. The fans want their characters to interact like they do in the comic books. This is the next logical step for both companies. Fox saw how wild fans went when the Sony deal was officially announced. And frankly, they want some of that Kool-Aid too. 

 Billions of dollars worldwide. Billions. Makes for a very strong incentive to work together.


3) Fox kindof had no choice. 

Marvel was pulling out all the stops to strongarm Fox into complying. From rumors of rocketing the X-Men off into space at the conclusion of their Secret Wars event this summer, to canceling all merchandising properties for the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Fox had little else to make money on with these characters except for box office proceeds. And let's be honest, Fantastic Four ain't gonna' be no monster hit. 

Fox was going to have to come to some kind of amiable agreement with Marvel or risk losing the characters altogether.


4) The X-Men TV Show!

So get this! Fox only had the movie rights to the X-Men characters. NOT for TV. And if you remember Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, all media rights are separate and need to be procured individually.

So the X-Men tv rights still rest, with Marvel and yet Fox has been planning an X-Men TV show since January.

Its also good that Fox producer Lauren Shuler Donner remains good friends with Kevin Feige. And they have both been quoted as saying they'd be up for a collaboration in the future.



All in all, this is just a rumor. But a hopeful one. How great would it be for us fans to finally have all of our beloved characters under one roof. The roof over The House of Ideas. Marvel's movies may not always be amazing (sorry Iron Man 3, I'm looking at you) but overall, they're always entertaining and fun. Marvel knows what they're doing with their own characters, and that's the final point as to why this deal should happen, and probably will.

I figure, eventually, Disney/Marvel will just throw so much money at Fox for this that they can't say no.

Or, as the Italians would say, "make 'em an offer they can't refuse."