Pete from Pete's Basement Watches Game of Thrones!....The Red Wedding Episode...


Pete is finally watching Game of Thrones! After countless "I Told You So's" from his partner in crime, Ramon, Pete finally found it HBO On Demand and started watching. He easily breezed through Seasons 1 and 2. Thought the Wildfire in S.9 Ep.2 proved to be an insanely horrific  battle at sea! 
So between all the knights, bloody sword fights, back-stabbings, beautiful women, naked women, and greedy bastards vying for the throne, what was Pete not to like? Ramon was right! This is ALL right up his shit-rivered alley!
And Pete had never seen The Red Wedding before. He'd only heard it in name alone, spoke of in whispers around the office watercooler...
He has no idea what it could mean? ...He knew one thing of which he could surmise himself. It WAS an episode 9...
Fucked up shit always happens in episode 9! So he steeled himself,  and set out to devirginize his eyes and watch it...for our amusement!

"Enough a' yer yippie yappin'! Now click the play button and let's get this party started!"
"Hopefully everyone's favorite Basement dweller does embarrass himself in from of millions of youtube viewers." 
"Na. Ee won't. The Seven are with him. Ee's a goof lad."
"Aye. HIt ye' olde' play button and let's get this show on the road."