Save Constantine - Watch Arrow on The CW

Since the cancellation of Constantine on NBC, which was a horrible channel with a horrible time slot, fans have been left wanting more of their hellblazing homie. Fans missed Matt Ryan so much in fact, that he was written into an Arrow episode on the CW. Ratings for that episode went up 10%, which is a season high as of now.

Hopefully, this will not only encourage DC to write John Constantine into more of their shows, but it could even lead to ressurecting the cancelled Constantine show for a Season 2. A girl can dream, cant she? With FlashSupergirl, iZombie and Gotham floating around, there are a lot of opportunities for the character to show up. Lets also not forget other shows that have been ordered by DC including Lucifer, Titans/Blackbirds, Legends of Tomorrow and maybe even Preacher on AMC? Hell, Supernatural is on the CW, throw him in that. I'm all for it.

It makes sense for him to appear in other DC shows. Hes a mystical guy who gets involved with a lot of different things. Constantine has been everywhere in the comics to hell and back, so why not his live action version too?

Either way, help support my man and watch the Arrow episode Haunted featuring Constantine on the CW to add to the ratings and downloads. Save Constantine!




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