Artists Run This Planet! David Carus Interview from Pete's Basement Extras!

Artist and long-time Basement fan David Carus joins Pete to talk about his latest Kickstarter Campaign: An Adult Coloring Book filled with portraits of some of the very best artists history has to offer! 

Not only does this book feature such an amazing artist as Vincent Van Gogh on its cover, it also has other talented pillars of history such as William Shakespeare and Ludwig Von Beethoven! Even those you wouldn't normally consider artists are showcased, like Isaac Newton, Gandhi, and Jane Austin!

And each black and white line drawing, masterfully illustrated by David himself and ready for you to color, comes with an inspirational quote from the artist.

David tells us exactly what he considers an artist, and what he hopes this book will accomplish, and what his slogan, "Artist Run This Planet," means for him. And what he hopes it will mean for you too.

Pete is excited for this Kickstarter, and we think you'll be too! So hit the play button and check it out!




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